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What music genres are in your collection

50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Orchestra, Pop, Punk Rock, R&B, Rock, Soul, Strings, Swing, World

Do you have liability insurance?


What is your DJ style?

We do not have a set "style".  We customize our services and style to fit what you are looking for at your ceremony and reception, party or event. We pay attention to the little details to make sure your needs are met and your guests are having a great time!

Is there a limit to the amount of music that can be requested?

Not at all! We will work closely with you before the wedding or party to take your song requests and always take requests from you and your guests at the event. We will try to play as many of your requests as possible.

What is your dress attire?

We dress in black dress pants and vest with a long sleeved white shirt unless you request something else, which we will accommodate. 

If you do not have one of the songs pre-requested by the client, do you require that they provide it?

Not at all. When you have a special request for your ceremony or special activity, we will make sure to purchase the song ahead of time. We can also play a song off of your ipod/etc. at the wedding.

What is the maximum amount of time you will DJ for?

We book every event at a "set fee" and we do not charge extra for extra hours.  We will stay for as long as the event lasts at no extra charge as long as the event ends by 1 AM.

Can the client submit a do-not-play list?

Absolutely!  In fact we encourage it.  We do not want to play anything you may find inappropriate or annoying.

Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes, we own and will bring all of our own equipment. All we need is a power source.

What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?

We offer the following upgrades:  gobo laser and various laser and LED dance lighting as well as fog machines. Call today for upgrade pricing.

How much time do you usually need to set up? Do you require that the site or client provide a table for you to set up on?

We like to have at least 2 hours to set up before guests arrive. We will provide our own table(s) and table coverings.

Do you have any extra space requirements?

We can set up in a variety of space sizes.  Our normal setup for up to 150 people generally requires a 5 foot by 9 foot area.

Do you have a sign or banner that you use at events?

We do not. We feel that your wedding day or event is about YOU....not us. We know that if you are pleased with us you will refer us to friends and family.

Do you usually emcee the event or talk between songs?

Yes, we will emcee your wedding or event. We will make the necessary announcements to keep the guests comfortable and the evening flowing along. In everything we do we try to keep the focus on you...not on us. We may make occasional announcements between songs as needed and will guide any special activities. However, if the event is a wedding and if you have a wedding coordinator or another person you wish to make the announcements, we will supply them with a microphone.

What is your backup plan in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?

We keep our commitments to you and will make sure your DJ is trained, professional, and a pleasure to work with. In case of emergency, we will make sure another one of our trained DJs or DJ partners arrives as scheduled. We have never and will never miss one of our commitments.

Do you book yourself for more than one event in a day?

Never!  We do not schedule for more than one event in one day.

What is your overtime rate and do you charge for travel or lodging expenses?

We do not charge for overtime.  Each job is bid at a "set fee" and we stay until the event ends at no extra charge.  The quoted price is complete.  There are no other travel or lodging fees that will be charged.

What is the required deposit to secure your services?

We require a $150.00 non refundable deposit to lock in a booking for your event date.  Unfortunately, if for any reason you should cancel your event, chances are we have declined our services for others who wanted the same date and rarely do we have enough time left to schedule another client,  so unfortunately we have lost the income for that date.  However, in the event that we do book another client on the date you have canceled, we will refund your deposit.

Additional Answers & Advice:

Hiring the Right DJ for Your Wedding

Hiring a professional DJ is an important decision in planning your wedding or event. Care should be taken in choosing a DJ, as the entertainment at your event is very important. There are some common principles about professional DJ’s and entertainment to be familiar with:

Entertainment and Music is Important at My Wedding or event

Looking back, most brides wish they had spent more time choosing their entertainment. Music at your wedding may seem lower priority, but afterwards brides and party planners wish it had been their first priority. Music and entertainment can make or break your wedding. This is because music creates the atmosphere & mood at your reception. It helps your guests feel comfortable and have a good time. Your guests will notice the music and entertainment at event. In fact, 75-80% of wedding guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding was the entertainment.

A Stereo, Some Homemade CDs, and an IPOD are not the Same as a Professional DJ

Professional audio and lighting equipment goes a long way in bringing quality entertainment to a ceremony, reception or party. This often times does not compare to a home stereo and IPOD.

Your DJ’s equipment should be top of the line and reliable 100% of the time with backup equipment at your location. In addition, professional DJ’s should have a vast selection of music and a knowledge of all decades of music. Your DJ should be able to read the crowd and play music that your guests want and that will keep the momentum of your party. This is a skill that Magic Valley DJ Service specializes in. We make sure your guests are having a great time - dancing, mingling, and celebrating your wedding or party.

Perfect Weddings  and parties Come Together With Planning, Preparation, and the Right Professionals

While there are many components to a successful wedding, reception or party, your music and entertainment will set the stage for a memorable day or evening. A professional DJ like Magic Valley DJ Services will know how to entertain your guests according to your plans for your event. Our DJs are also familiar with other Southern Idaho area wedding professionals and can make referrals to assist in your wedding planning.

Your DJ Will Spend A Lot More Than 4-5 Hours on Your Event

While it appears you may only be paying for 4-6 hours of entertainment, your professional DJ will spend approximately 15-20 hours preparing for your event. This may include consultations, music preparation and research, set up and tear down, training, travel, equipment maintenance, etc. The actual event may be the only time you may see your DJ, but that is not the only time involved in making sure your event is successful. At Magic Valley DJ Services, we make sure all the details of your ceremony, reception or party are taken care of so you can have the day you have always dreamed of.

A Cheap DJ is Not the Same as a Higher Priced DJ

The most expensive DJ is not necessarily the best, but the quality of your DJ can often be reflected in their prices. Remember the sayings: ”…it’s too good to be true” or “you get what you pay for”? These sayings have some truth in the entertainment and event planning world. A lot of time should be taken in preparation for your event. Your DJ should not view their role in your event as a part-time job. In choosing a DJ, make sure you know what you are paying for and make sure that it meets your needs and wants.

Every DJ is Different

DJing an event takes talent and training. Your DJ should be able to read a crowd and have a knack for appropriate rhythm and music to fit specific groups. A good DJ has the ability to adjust his/her style to fit your event and guests. Also, your DJ should be professional, personable, and appropriate while on the microphone and while directing activities, dedications, etc.

A full-time, talented DJ also attends conferences and trainings to improve their skills and knowledge about music, performing as a DJ, professional equipment, activities, etc.

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